HotelBrains worldwide is the first online affiliation with a simple mission: to connect the boutique hotel “brains” around the globe and collaborate on the development of a unique experience; a theatrical play emotionally engaging guests around the world.

Join us today and benefit from:

Global market intelligence

Preserving their independency, boutique hotel experts will instantly increase visibility and reputation, while getting global market intelligence fast and efficient. Members will belong to a powerful worldwide affiliation that will generate business opportunities in today's fast changing globalized marketplace.

United voice

HotelBrains worldwide will develop a global voice for all individual experts, working towards developing the personality of a boutique hotel.

Global strategy, local roots

Striving the industry ahead, the affiliation will develop a global communication approach that all members will be able to implement locally.

Best practices

HotelBrains worldwide will create an umbrella of best practices and share experiences around the globe.

Strong network

Members will be able to become part of a global network, getting immediate communication benefits, global recognition and exposure, networking opportunities and global market intelligence.

Real time connection

Being connected online means fast support coming from affiliate members anytime, from all over the world.

Smart benefits

Benefits include communication plans, global directories, global website and a global annual conference. Members will be informed on the annual fee upon membership confirmation.

Winning performance

Our affiliate members around the world win local, national and international awards every year, demonstrating their pioneering profile, thought leadership and excellence in their field.

Ιf you want to receive further information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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