About the Leading Society

In our fast, online, global marketplace, we need to operate at full potential. Accumulating market intelligence in the global environment where we operate is a must for doing more, faster, at lower cost with better results. Boundless collaboration has never been needed as urgently as today in order to serve our guests with an unforgettable experience.

HotelBrains worldwide affiliation aims to create the leading society of boutique hotel experts. Our vision is to create an elite community. To build a global brand, share a great wealth of experience, networking, collaboration, desirability and direct communication among the “artists” who participate to the development of the “theatrical play” that each boutique hotel should engage with its guests.

More than an affil­i­a­tion, Hotel­Brains world­wide is an alliance of experts who share com­mon val­ues on ultimate guest expe­ri­ence, set­ting at the same time high stan­dards on cus­tomer engage­ment among the bou­tique hotels of the world.